Every photo tells a story...

Let us help you tell yours.

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Come and discover the absolute natural wonders of Africa with Walter Enslin – owner, tour operator and keen photographer, for the safari of a lifetime, Every photo tells a story… let us help you tell yours.

At One Life Safaris, we pride ourselves in catering for wildlife photographers of all experience levels and abilities.

All safari holiday packages are custom made to suit clients’ personal preferences, whether you choose to explore the grassy plains and rich rainbow culture of South Africa, the swampy inland and wild life of Botswana, the migration in Tanzania, the beauty of the desert in Namibia or the gorilla tracking in Rwanda, you’re guaranteed to get away with not only stunning images but also memories   that will last a lifetime!

Our guides are the real stars, and they make the difference between a simple tour and a once in a lifetime experience. Cheerful, professional, experienced, good story tellers and with fantastic guiding capabilities in their DNA. After all, this safari experience will be one of the most unique journeys of your life and you will experience it in the most interesting way possible.

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A safari should be about the feelings it provides

– the experience of being out there in the wild witnessing nature as it is, with no rush.

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One Life Safaris organizes private safaris only. This means your tour will be unique and designed with your interests in mind.

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