Who We Are

Exceptional photographs over the past 27 years

One Life Safaris has offered many photographers the opportunity to shoot exceptional photographs over the past 27 years.

Whether you are an avid, experienced photographer with years of experience or just starting your journey into the wonderful world of capturing nature and its rich moments through a lens, One Life Safaris has the perfect safari for you. Walter Enslin has a keen eye for photography himself and has experience in reading the behavior of animals, allowing clients to position themselves for the best possible photographic opportunities. 

Walter has expert knowledge on flora and fauna being a guide since 1988. His motto “Uncapped Nature” is underpinned by excellent service, knowledge, and hospitality of the highest international standards. His passion for wildlife and nature is evident in his respect for the outdoors and commitment to conservation. Through thoughtful planning, Walter and his team truly devote themselves to making sure your African safari or adventure leaves you with fond memories.

"27 years ago, with the same passion and love for what I do"

Uncapped Nature